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Best air purifiers for allergies 2021: Top-rated purifiers to help you breathe easier

Mon, 29 Nov 2021 03:20:58
Best air purifiers for allergies: Image of woman at home © Provided by Live Science Best air purifiers for allergies: Image of woman at home

The best air purifiers for allergies are a great way to find respite from irritating allergy symptoms. These models are handpicked from a selection of the very best air purifiers due to their filtration systems that are designed specifically to capture allergens. Pollutants that these systems can handle include dust, dander, and pet hair, meaning that they can offer relief to a number of allergies sufferers. For more on the process behind this, check out our feature exploring the question: do air purifiers help with allergies?

One important feature to look out for when shopping for air purifiers for allergies is a high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filter, which uses very small fiberglass threads to capture extremely small particles in the air and trap pollutants. According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, this type of filter can "theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns”. When it comes to choosing the perfect air purifier for you, Tim Carroll, a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency told Live Science: 

“Choosing the right air cleaner will depend on the type of pollutant the user is targeting. In general, to filter particles, choose a portable air cleaner that has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) that is large enough for the size of the room or area in which you will use it.”

If you’re looking to secure an appliance to improve your Air Quality Index this Black Friday, be sure to check out our page dedicated to air purifiers on sale, as well as our top pick of dehumidifiers on sale and the best humidifiers.  

Air purifiers for allergies

 Levoit 400S air purifier

The Levoit 400S is our top choice when it comes to selecting an air purifier to prevent allergens in your home, and with good reason. 

Not only did it perform well in all of our tests, it’s also an affordable option, meaning those on a budget don’t have to compromise their air quality. Thanks to its HEPA H13 filter, this air purifier aced our tests, which we undertook in a number of conditions,  absorbing 99.9% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns at certain times. 

Not only is the Levoit 400S a powerful air purifier, but it also gains points for its stylish design, with sleek edges and handles for easy maneuvering. Setting up this appliance is easy thanks to the intuitive controls, and there’s plenty of information accessible on the app connected to your purifier, which gives you statistics on historical and current air quality within your home.

 Blue Pure 211+ 

If you suffer from allergies and need a unit in order to cover larger rooms in your home, then the Blue Pure 211+ is the ideal choice for you. 

While it’s a larger and bulkier model, the outcome is that it can cover rooms up to 600 feet large, which is seriously impressive. Handily though, this increase in coverage doesn’t mean that running the Blue Pure 211+ is going to break the bank. Instead, this air purifier is also economical to run and is available in a range of colors to make it a little easier to camouflage into your home.

The performance of the Blue Pure 211+ in our range of tests proves its place in the top ranks of air purifiers of its kind; it was able to absorb particles in a number of conditions in the most effective way we’ve seen. If you’re a smart home fan then the lack of features with the Blue Pure 211+ might be a little lacking for you, but for simple, straightforward running, this appliance should be an excellent fit.

 Dyson Purifier Cool 

As with any Dyson product, a sleek and well-engineered design was to be expected of the Dyson Purifier Cool. 

This appliance definitely doesn’t disappoint on those grounds, and has a practical edge too, doubling as a cooling fan. Beyond aesthetics, this purifier also performed exceptionally well in our testing protocol, with our tests concluding that it often captured more than 95% of monitored particles when used at its highest setting for at least 30 minutes.

When it comes to assisting with cleansing the air of allergens, the Dyson Purifier Cool aims to pick up microscopic particles smaller than 2.5 microns, including smoke, bacteria, and allergens – shown as PM 2.5. If you want your home to be a relief from allergy symptoms - especially in peak pollen season for example - then another neat trick with the Dyson Purifier Cool is that you can set your machine to start working remotely, all from the comfort of your machine’s app. Though this air purifier might not be within everyone’s price range, it has a lot to deliver, and an eye-catching design to sweeten the deal.

 Rabbit AirMinus A2 Spa-780a 

If you struggle with allergies and are looking for an inconspicuous air purifier to add to your home, then the Rabbit AirMinus A2 Spa-780a has a design that’s made for sleek, stylish homes. 

Able to be wall-mounted or used as a portable purifier, this appliance is impressive on many counts. It has a standard coverage of 700 square feet, which is perfect for larger spaces, and a CADR capable of trapping pollen, dust and smoke in your designated space within that size. It’s crucial when shopping for an air purifier for allergies that you look out for a solid clean air delivery rate (CADR), and this air purifier claims to have high delivery rates with all of those allergens.

When it comes to selecting an air purifier for your home, there’s a number of practical features to think about too. This Rabbit Air AirMinus A2 Spa-780a has been engineered to be ultra quiet, which is bound to be a top consideration for light sleepers. The design of this air purifier means you probably won’t even notice that it’s there, but you’re bound to feel its benefit when it comes to air quality.

  •  Our Rabbit Air AirMinus A2 Spa-780a is currently underway. 

 Coway Air Mega 250 

The Coway AirMega 250 is a popular air purifier due to its high-end design and claims that it can 99.99% of fine airborne particles. 

It has a three-stage filtration system, which makes it a good choice for allergy sufferers, and gives you helpful indications of when to change your filters, as well as filters that are in themselves easy to clean. It’s also thorough in its performance, with a capability of covering up to 930 square feet, one of the most impressive coverages we’ve seen. 

Although it’s pretty pricey, the Coway AirMega 250 doesn’t have the smart-enabled features you might expect. Despite not being able to control this device via your phone, there are smart features though, including an auto mode that changes modes and fan speeds according to your room’s conditions. This is an excellent choice for power and coverage, and with a totally stylish design too.

  • Our Coway AirMega 250 review is currently underway.

GermGuardian AC4825E 

If you’re on a budget and need an air purifier to tackle your allergy symptoms, then the GermGuardian AC4825E will be an inexpensive purchase that can go a long way to help you breathe easier. 

Complete with a HEPA filter and a charcoal filter to filter odors, this appliance can make your living space a nicer place to be. It’s also ultra-quiet, meaning it can work away in the background without alerting you. 

As you might expect with a smaller unit, the coverage of this air purifier is not quite as extensive as bulkier models. It would be suitable to single rooms, rather than expansive spaces, and stands at just 22 inches tall, meaning it won’t be too disruptive to your room’s decor. There are some other handy features too, including a light to indicate a filter change is due and three speeds including an ultra-quiet sleep mode so that you can keep your machine running into the night.

  • Our GermGuardian AC4825E review is currently underway.

How to maintain your air purifier for allergies

Once you've obtained your air purifier for allergies, it's essential that you diligently maintain your unit in order to yield the best results when it comes to easing those nasty symptoms. Whilst cleaning, especially if you suffer severely from allergies, make sure to wear a face mask and gloves to protect yourself and follow manufacturer advice to avoid damaging your unit. 

When removing, replacing or cleaning the filters within your air purifier, be careful in your handling, so as not to displace the fine filter. Some types of HEPA filter are washable, but be sure to check your individual unit before you take action. Remember to pay attention to the exterior of your unit too. Wipe it down to keep the whole air purifier clean. 

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