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Growing your own garlic is a long game: When to harvest and how to store it

Tue, 30 Nov 2021 19:07:00

Growing garlic is a long game, but a successful crop can provide you with a year's worth of tasty cloves.

So when should you harvest to maximise your crop, and how should you prepare your garlic to make it last?

Penny Woodward is the author of the book Garlic and the horticultural editor with ABC Organic Gardener magazine, and says it's important to remember garlic is a commitment in both time and garden space.

"Garlic is an amazing crop, but you do need to leave it in the ground for eight months, so it takes up space for quite a long time," she told ABC Radio Hobart.

But, growing your own garlic can be incredibly economical.

"It can last for up to 12 months if you've got the right cultivars," she says.

Mark Grassi with his garlic crop in Tasmania's Huon Valley.(ABC Radio Hobart: Lucie Cutting)

When to harvest?

There are more than 1,000 cultivars, or types, of garlic worldwide, and the perfect harvest time depends on a few things

"Garlic is more complicated than people think," Penny says.

Harvest time varies throughout states and climates, and many areas in the southern part of Australia are harvesting right now.

"It depends when you planted it — in Tassie where it's a bit cooler, it actually takes about eight months to fully grow in your garden," she says.

"This season has also been colder and damper than it has for a few years and that also means it may take a bit longer.

Garlic usually takes about eight months to produce a bulb.(ABC Rural: Eden Hynninen)

Penny says to wait until there's been a few days of fine weather before harvesting because it allows the skin to tighten around the bulbs and they will cure better.

The leaves will also give you an indication of when it's time.

"You'd want to look at your plants and there should be four to six green leaves left, so the lower leaves have died back," she says.

The leaves, or 'scapes', will tell you when it's time to harvest.(ABC: Emma Brown)

It also depends on the variety you are growing, some garlic groups grow 'scapes' which are like a flower head.

The final step is inspecting a bulb.

Time is crucial, and Penny says a bulb can double in size during its last two weeks in the ground.

"But you have to balance that against the chance of heavy rain where you might get extra problems or fungal diseases like rust," she says.

"You don't want to leave it in so long that the skin starts splitting off."

Drying vs curing

There's a difference between drying garlic and curing garlic.

To use fresh cloves in cooking, the garlic needs to be cured and not dried.

"If the weather is warm and dry, all you need to do after you've dug them out is gently shake off the worst of the dirt, tie them in bunches of 6–8 and hang them in a dry, airy position out of direct sunlight," she says.

"Don't ever try and do it in a closed shed.

"If there's any humidity around you need to cut the roots off before curing, and if it's really humid cut the leaves off."

The garlic needs to be 'cured' before it's ready to use.(Supplied: Burando produce)

The garlic is cured after about 4–6 weeks when the roots and leaves have dried completely.

Again, choose wisely when it comes to storing your cloves.

"You need a relative humidity that is not too high or too low — under 55 per cent," she says.

"You need to be able to check it on a regular basis, I keep mine in my spare room.

She says if you can find the smelly bulb, remove it so it doesn't spread to others.

The bulbs can be stored in a shed, as long as it doesn't get too hot or cold.

When to plant?

If you missed the boat with planting garlic this year, Penny says you'll have to wait until April to June next year.

She says the easiest variety to grow is a cultivar from the group of garlic known as 'artichoke'.

"Artichoke (variety) is the easiest to grow but not necessarily the best flavour," she says.

"They are often white but are the work horse of the garlic world."

Garlic from the artichoke group will last for about eight months once harvested, and garlic from the 'creole' and 'silverskin' groups can be stored for more than 12 months.

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